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My name is Jon Mckenzie and I was a very happy customer up until last week. I purchased my M76i which I love a few montha back at Braman BMW of Jupiter. I set up my app BMW connect and everythin is great.

Well on 11/18 I bought a 2016 428i silver for my girlfriend (WBA4A9C59GGL88600). Well we are together but she feels I dont need the BMW Connect, or even a Key....lol. She had an ex take a car from her so I think she is just acting silly.

I am listed as the Copurchaser on Bill of Sale as well as the guarrantor and the whole deal was done on my numbers, she has a credit score of 550.

I also have my State of Florida Registration for the car with my name and of course insurance.

Look at the end of the day I am a guy that grew up real poor, now I own 7 companies and I have the means to fight and do what I have to do. Right is right I am the owner of car and connot be refused the BMW Connect. If so I will be filing some legal docs ober the matter,something to BMW Financial, BMW Connect and Braman. I have bought over 200k in cars there in 3 months and I hope to remain a loyal customer.

I want you to also know that after I emailed in proof of ownership they removed me 3 times. I want those people counseled because I set up pin, a security question and they were suppose to call me. None of that happened and I feel violated.

I love my girl friend but I am business man and because of my net worth and cars I have to carry 500/500 insurnace policy and 5 million umbrella, she has an sr22 and a horrible driving record, I will not cover that car if you guys dont get in line. I am attaching docs so you can see I am being honest. Also braman of Jupiter stands by me.

Reason of review: BMW Collect.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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